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We’ve been married and honeymooned!  Everything was spectacular, and we’re back!  More pictures coming soon! 

Photo by Daniel Gabriel

photo by Daniel Gabriel

Ok- who wants another wedding rant?  Me! 

Actually I have to confess something- I like bread.  A lot.  And beer!  And eating!  Eating more than a salad with no dressing, or worse lo fat dressing!  I like cheese- actually I love cheese.  If I weren’t marrying Ben- I might spend all my time with cheese.  They would start calling me cheese girl because I would smell like cheese.  Luckily I’m marrying Ben and won’t be a weird cheese bride.  ANYWAY.  I just wanted to confess this because I feel like anytime I look into “bride” things- there are no pictures of brides who like bread- or cheese.  And I can’t go on  a wedding website without seeing things like “lose 20 pounds in a week!”  “Be the perfect bride, at the perfect size”, “This is the best shape you’ll be in your life- flaunt it”.  There’s even a show that is all about overweight brides slimming down for their wedding.  Are normal sized people not allowed to get married?  Can I not be an overweight bride?  Are they going to take away the wedding license?  I mean- seriously people.  I understand the bridal industry that’s all about giving you this wonderful day to start off the rest of your life- but the wedding fitness/ diet industry?  Totally unhealthy.  Totally- overzealous.  I think that a lot of people go on these crash diets (not me- I can’t commit to crash diets) because they think that’s what they need to do before their wedding.  They buy wedding dresses 3 sizes to small 6 months before the wedding. 

Hey- there are a ton of fun parties to be had before the wedding.  Wouldn’t it suck not to be able to eat at them?  So, I’ll be eating bread- right up to and during the wedding.  How else am I going to keep from getting sloppy drunk?!  (KIDDING!)

I’ve been very relaxed about the wedding, but there’s one thing that’s really been burning my muffins- this whole wedding industry thing.  I mean- who decided it was ok for to charnge $5 for 1 chair for a fifteen minute ceremony $5!!  I mean- who makes $5 for fifteen minutes?  Not me!  Doesn’t it seem odd to pay a chair more than you make?  And we’re having about 200 people, so that’s 1000 dollars!  For FIFTEEN minutes!!  I understand- there’s set up and break down, but heck- that’s crazy.  Craziness.  Thanks for listening…

obviously we did not go with the place who would charge us this- how would I be able to look myself in the mirror again.  sigh.

This is it-  Less than 7 weeks to go!  It’s pretty amazing- people say to you you’re entire engagement, “Enjoy it, it’ll go really fast.”  And you think – come on – we’re going to be engaged for 2 years- that’s forever!  But it did go fast.  It went really fast.  So fast that I can’t believe it’s almost here.   What else am I going to get to plan for 2 years?  My to- do list keeps getting smaller, my moods are becoming a little more erratic, and I’m constantly suprised by the fact that we’re still being congratulated on being engaged.  That’s just me, though. 

Invitations are done!  Eventhough I used this picture somewhere else-


That’s the back of Jessie and Dan’s invitation.  The inner envelope, as it is called.  I love my invitations. 

 close up invite 2.JPG

That’s the actual invitation with the overlay.  It’s quite pretty- I’ll have to take some pictures of the inside of a finished one! 

We go to see the mock up of our rings tonight!  That’s very exciting!  I can’t wait to see how they look!!!  And then we get to see Bob, which is almost exciting except that I’m not going to wear Bob on my finger every day for the rest of my life. 

I still have to:

  • write my vows
  • find wine for the wine ceremony
  • find bags for the whole glass/ lightbulb breaking thing
  • paint and draft a ketubah
  • make/ find a handfasting cord
  • make the welcome bags
  • make the programs
  • make place cards
  • get thank you cards

Well- that’s all I can think of.  I must be forgetting something!

Ben got his outfit for the wedding! How exciting! We went to Men’s Warehouse with his dad on Tuesday and had a great time looking at a bunch of different suits.

Ben's wedding suit.JPG

Doesn’t he look handsome? The turtleneck is only for color- please do not be alarmed. Ben will not be wearing a turtleneck at the wedding. I’m quite excited about it- this was the one thing we had left to do that I was getting really anxious about. He kept saying things like- I could go out two weeks before the wedding and find my suit. ARG.

Ah well- Doesn’t he look handsome? I really like this color on him!

I read Lindsey’s posts and they have so many pretty pictures- all I have are words!  Anyway, I am posting as a procrastination tool from filling out the survey our officiant Jessie sent us.  So many questions!  But really good questions!  With each answer, I realize more and more how much I love Lindsey and how happy I am we are getting married in June.

Sidenote: It is getting really creepy to be making lots of plans for things that will happen after our wedding.  Like we were at a movie with Hannah W.  and every single movie being previewed comes out after the wedding (by the way- Hannah, thanks for pointing that out every time!)

The tasting that Lindsey talks about in the following post was so much fun!  My parents came and the four of us had a blast!  It started with a cocktail hour in the barn, which is where our cocktail hour will be.  Then we went into the main ballroom for dinner, which was amazing!  During the cocktail hour, they passed almost all the different hors d’oeuvres we could have for our cocktail hour.  They also had the different stationary displays up.  Such good food and the room looked so pretty!!

Then we went into the ballroom for dinner.  We were assigned to a table, and had some wonderful breads and things on the table.  One of the coolest things about the Publick House is there is a bakery on site and they make the best breads and sticky buns and, yes, wedding cakes!  After a brief introduction by the staff, it was time for dinner.  In the middle of the room they had set up this HUGE buffet.  Each of the possible entrees was served in chafing dishes for us to try and, next to the dish, was the menu item actually plated so we could see what it would look like.  The food was really good (not as good as their food usually is, because it is hard to serve in chafing dishes and still make it really good)  After dinner, there was a cake table with like 7 different kinds of wedding cake.  We made all our food choices, which we might tell you in a later post.

I want to finish with a story that, to me, reflects the sort-of place the Publick House is.   After we had gone into the ballroom and sat down before dinner, the catering staff was making the rounds of the room.  I got to meet the pastry chef and the executive chef among others, which was really nice.  But I digress.  So the staff is circling the room and the y come to our table.  While they had had most of the appetizers available to taste, there was one in particular I had wanted to try that wasn’t available.  I asked the catering manager about it and she went into the kitchen and had them make it up specially for us.  This is a place that will do whatever they need to do in order to ensure a great experience and that is amazing!  We love them!

Ok, long enough-back to the questionnaire

Well not really.  You see the wedding is about 3 months and three weeks away.  I mean, if I think back three months it feels like yesterday!  Let’s do it together.  Remember November 15th?  Just days before Thanksgiving?!  That was like- yesterday!!  Anyway- we’re working on getting everything finalized for the wedding.  We’ve got our bridesmaids’ dresses all set, and I’m working on invites.  We also have our flowers pretty much nailed down.

Speaking of flowers- I LOVE our florist!  Her name is Michelle Bernard and she is such fun! 

 We went to a tasting at our site and she did a bunch of mock up arrangements for all the tables.
Here’s us at the tasting:
B + L at tasting

This is a centerpiece with a hurricane lamp that will be pretty similar to my centerpieces:
hurricane lamp center

And here’s a light purple and green arrangement that is simply gorgeous!
light purple center

I’m getting quite excited about the wedding as we wind down to the last couple of decisions to be made. I have a short to do list. Of course it includes making the invitations, but more about that later!

So- I ordered last week!  Right before I left for Thanksgiving in DC! The picture we ended up using was the last one I posted- the lighthouse.


And then I put a picture of us at the bottom of the back of the card.

b+L Fan Hall
it’s a little dark- but cute!

That’s my story.  Thanks everyone for their suggestions!  I will post pictures of the actual save the dates one I get them!


Here is another option for Save The Dates. Thanks Jessie for the suggestion!

Ben and Lindsey

Lindsey is an aspiring artist by night and an office assistant by day. Ben is saving the world and trying to fit in more golf time. Together they are planning a wedding that will take place June 7, 2008 in Sturbridge, MA. Without the conventional help of a wedding planner and with both of them having equal say, they are marching into the uncharted territories (for them) of wedding planning!